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This Lincsafe in-house development is an automatic, intelligent and closed cash drawer

A closed cash register leads to more security and fewer errors when giving change. The cashier does not come into contact with the money, so a very hygienic money handling. The system can be emptied by a value transporter, so there is less risk for you and your staff.

Both the hardware and the software have been realized entirely in-house. By first making a wooden model, all ergonomic and practical aspects were examined and then the software was developed by our own R & D department.

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Subsequently, various devices have been tested in the field and there is now a counter and a stand alone version that has been very well received in the market.

If no POS system is available, a complete POINT2PAY system can be offered in collaboration with PAY PLAZA.

The Lincstation is another own development in which we anticipate in the Cash handling market. 

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