Lincsafe safes time, because we don’t have to count the money at night or check if it’s real. One of the great benefits is that employees can’t get the money out of the box.

Evert-Jan, Manager of New York Pizza

Find out why this entrepreneur of New York Pizza has opted for a Lincsafe to improve cash handling.

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Our collaboration with

New York Pizza

Before Lincsafe, NewYorkPizza was using a ‘Drop Box’ for their money. At the end of the day they had to put money from the checkout to the box.

We came up with a time- and cost efficient, safe and hygienic solution.

With the Lincstation you can put money in the safe whenever you need. At the end of the day they can see exactly how much money they made, without opening the safe or counting the money by hand. It safes time and is way more secure!

Overview DepositMini

Banknote reader
banknote storage

Automatically counts your money

No access for thiefs or employees

Smart software with money verification

Hygienic and corona proof

Features and specs DepositMini


Features DepositMini

  • Single note reader
  • Identification by touchscreen
  • 600 banknotes
  • Electronic lock, optional one-time code lock
  • Encrypted transactions
  • LINCSAFE Webportal: -realtime information -remote control -detailed reports and audit -user administration

Dimensions DepositMini

  • Dimensions: 470x150x275 (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 13 kg

Options DepositMini

  • RFID
  • Console
  • External printer