Our Solutions

Lincsafe offers payment solutions which we can develop at a fast pace and the right price. We thrive on innovation and building the solutions which make life better for our customer and thats what makes our work meaningful and worthwhile.



Joost Van Egeraat

International Sales Director

How we develop a product for you!

We discuss and learn about your needs. Create a design for you to explore and together we refine the solution until it's right. We develop and build your solution in-house. Together we test and refine the soution in the field and then we deliver to your satisfaction.

Click on the image for the animation of the Lincsafe concept!

Our approach who fit your future needs

To make sure that we develop the ultimate product for you, we work with the following step-by-step plan. for example, we always have interim check moments so that we know for sure that we are on the right track together.



If you feel that no single product does exactly what you have in mind, we would like to discuss your requirements and freely explore the possibilities. In this session we will take your goals and wishes as a starting point and we will involve the right in-house experts to get a quick estimate of opportunities, lead times and prices.


Bespoke solutions

Based on your input, we will convert your wishes into a drawing and further design. Often a mock-up (wooden model) is first made with which you can test and evaluate. If sufficient testing has been carried out and all wishes have been met, we will definitively design the hardware and software and realize it entirely in-house. 



The great strength of Lincsafe is that the hardware and software are realized entirely in-house, which means that we can operate quickly and flexibly during manufacture, all different department who will take part at the design and development are always available.