Custom payment solutions to make your life better at work

Lincsafe makes self-service solutions, Smart Safes and Cash Recyclers which exactly fit your needs

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Safe and simple. That’s our guarantee.

We design, develop, produce, and maintain smart physical payment solutions, smartsafes and moneyhandling equipment. For secure money processing and an optimal customer experience.

Cash management solutions

Time Efficient

Time Efficient

Our solutions free up time - the most precious commodity for our customers. By removing cash handling tasks and administration, our customers can use the time saved to create new opportunities for their business and employees

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

No counting discrepancies between bank deposits and the count by the CiT company.Counterfeit detection takes away the risk of counterfeit notes and revenue loss.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

By reviewing all your cash processes, we can make significant cost improvements to your internal and external cash handling, reconciliation and administrative fees

Here are some of our regular customers who use the lincsafe products

Albert Heijn
AS watson
Taco Bell

Our approach who fit your future needs

To make sure that we develop the ultimate product for you, we work with the following step-by-step plan. for example, we always have interim check moments so that we know for sure that we are on the right track together.



If you feel that no single product does exactly what you have in mind, we would like to discuss your requirements and freely explore the possibilities. In this session we will take your goals and wishes as a starting point and we will involve the right in-house experts to get a quick estimate of opportunities, lead times and prices.


Bespoke solutions

Based on your input, we will convert your wishes into a drawing and further design. Often a mock-up (wooden model) is first made with which you can test and evaluate. If sufficient testing has been carried out and all wishes have been met, we will definitively design the hardware and software and realize it entirely in-house. 



The great strength of Lincsafe is that the hardware and software are realized entirely in-house, which means that we can operate quickly and flexibly during manufacture, all different department who will take part at the design and development are always available.