Overview Highspeed Deposit

banknote deposit
Touch screen
rejected banknotes
Card reader
Banknote collection (stacked or free fall)
Optional cencon lock

Features and Specs


Features Highspeed

  • High speed bundle note reader
  • speed 10 notes per second
  • 6000-15000 note capacity
  • electronic lock + opening delay
  • touchscreen
  • encrypted SSD/transactions
  • LINCSAFE Webportal: -realtime information -remote control -detailed reports and audit -user administration

Specifications Highspeed

  • dimensions: 1250x565x550 (HxWxD)
  • weight: approx.500 kg

Options Highspeed

  • Cencon lock
  • Compact version available
  • Freefall of stacked version
  • Coin Unit available
  • Self Sealer Unit available