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The Portal for real time reporting

At Lincsafe we see that data can drive value for our customers – optimising the use of cash, technology, banking activity and employee time. The Lincsafe Portal is a key component of our solution. Every device is connected to the Lincsafe Portal which provides a number of valuable functions:

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  • Dashboard – at a glance view of your Lincsafe device status and
  • Reporting – access user friendly reports of all the key activities for your Lincsafe solutions
  • User Management – flexible and secure management of users who can access the Lincsafe solutions and determine which functions are available to them
  • Inventory Management – authorised users can view the inventory of cash within the different Lincsafe compartments to enable  accurate and real time auditing and cash management decisions to be made

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 Lincsafe’s R&D team develops and maintains the Portal in-house ! If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business optimise its cash process – go to our contact page



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