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Custom build solutions

The answer is: "YES", what is your question?

Lincsafe designs, develops and manufactures its own products. On these pages you will find a small summary of recent developmental solutions. Some are thought by Lincsafe, but more often the ultimate customer / user is the one who comes with the idea.

If, after looking around on our website or on the websites of our competing colleagues, you feel that no single product does exactly what you have in mind, we would like to discuss with you and feel free to identify the opportunities.

Lincsafe, is in deviation from many others, an independent manufacturer and not a sales office of a particular brand. In our office at Breukelen (near Amsterdam) you will find all the subjects: 3D engineering, product design and design, software development, system integration and even assembly! Even after delivery and installation, Lincsafe is your partner for keeping your systems in top condition.  

If your interest arises, we would like to welcome you in Breukelen for a demonstration or informative conversation. We may also provide you with references that already make use of our products  

Lincstation closed cash drawer
Closed cash register

MIA Coin deposit machine
Self Service coin deposit machine

PIN Money changer
Custom build PIN Money changer for coins

Custom build Paystation
Payment kiosk for electronic and cash settlement

MUA Coinroll dispenser machine
Self Service coinroll dispenser machine

BOX Money safe
Money Safe for banknotes and coins and build-in printer

De Corridor 9
NL-3621 ZA Breukelen
The Netherlands


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