Our experience with this machine is very positive. Very advanced technology and easy to use for the consumer.

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Find out why this large retailer has opted for a Lincsafe SPT to improve cash handling.

Our collaboration with

Albert Heijn

The LincstationPlus is specially developed as Selfservice Payment Terminal for our large retailer Albert Heijn. The LincsafePlus is an alternative banknote and coin terminal designed to be placed beside the card-only self-checkout device.

After an extensive test period, we have had a very positive experience with this self-service machine. User-friendly, fast and reliable are our findings. Since this unit has been deployed, we have seen an increase in cash payments and an increase in security for cash payments.


Automatically counts your money

No access for thiefs or employees

Smart software with money verification

Hygienic and corona proof

Overview of the LincstationPLUS

Banknote deposit
COIN change
Banknote change and dispenser

Features and Specs


Features LincstationPLUS

  • Closed cash register leads to increased security
  • calculates and returns the change
  • At any time you read the contents of the Lincstation. 
  • System is accessible through software portal for all transactions and statistics
  • Unit can be emptied by value conveyor, thus less risk to you and your staff
  • Daily write-down sales are possible (pre-credit)



Specifications LincstationPLUS

  • Capacity of 3000 coins
  • Capacity of 1200 notes deposit
  • 3000 – 6000 notes dispense,
  • 2-4 cassette
  • Web portal: -real-time information -remote control -detailed reports and audit -user administration

Options LincstationPLUS

  • POS attachment 
  • Housing and branding in own design / material selection